Burning Calories by Country Line Dancing

Normally the two words exercise and fun do not go hand-in-hand. When people think of exercise, they think of having to go outside, faced criticism in the world around them, and run through the park, sweating and panicking. There is absolutely nothing fun about feeling insecure or uncomfortable when working out. People stare at you and wonder when you will get tired and see you when you stop. Maybe some people make comments or other people simply look at you smugly. When you have this type of discouragement, it makes exercise something that you dread. For this reason, many people love to do at-home workouts. You don’t need to have a piece of exercise equipment like an elliptical or a treadmill in order to enjoy working out at home.


What kind of customized weight loss plan can I build?

However, you do need a system. A proven system that will work for you. Not many people have an hour or more to dedicate to exercise each day. Between going to work, looking after the children, and doing house chores, there are simply too many things and activities in the day to do in order to maintain your life. Taking several hours out of the day to get ready and go to the gym, then find an exercise machine that is free, do your workout, shower and change and get back home is too much for most people. That is why the beach body is famous for its at-home workout program. Depending on your lifestyle, your level of exercise, and what your weight loss goals are, you can find a program that is perfect for you. For beginner exercisers, they will be delighted to know that a new workout program has been released. This Country music exercise program is low intensity and low impact making it perfect for new exercisers. It is especially enjoyable if you love swanky country music as you will love learning the new dance moves to go along to many of your favorite tunes!


Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is a sports bra and good running shoes. This is particularly and exercise program for those who love dancing and country music. During these workouts, you will learn several different milks and then combine them together to create a high energy workout in minimal time that will help you burn fat and shed weight. In addition to doing the workouts which you will do each day of the week and rest on Sunday, there is a nutrition component to the program. You will use special colored containers to help monitor your homework intake each day and keep you on the path to losing weight. Country heat is an excellent workout program for all levels and especially for people who have problems with their joints and knees because the low impact makes it good for your body to help improve flexibility and strength without causing damage.

Getting in Shape Before the Big Day

Weddings are stressful. And everyone knows that stress leads to weight gain.  Not only do to hormones going crazy and cortisol levels, but the very fact that people stress eat and seek comfort when going through a lot.  Eating in excess is the biggest reason for weight gain, and who wants to put on an extra 20 pounds right before trying to fit into their wedding dress or tuxedo?  Many people actually put off getting married because they don’t want to wear a dress being overweight. I know one woman who has been saying “wait” to her boyfriend for 5 years because she wants to look amazing in her wedding dress and just can’t seem to shed that extra 30 pounds she has put on over the years due to stress eating and other life issues.

That is why one woman decided to create a blog that is targeted towards women wanting to get in shape and lose weight before their big day. The website is called Bride of Steel and teaches women how to lose weight in a sensible way before a big event.  The blog focuses on the journeys of three different women trying to lose weight in 2016. One of the women whose journey is being documented on the blog is following a new workout routine called Country Heat – a dance workout program that uses country music as a background to follow awesome dance moves and make exercise not a chore, and more a pleasure.  Most people give up on their weight loss goals because they don’t enjoy working out or eating healthy. I mean, who would rather eat a boring salad when there is a cheeseburger available?  But this program teaches both men and women that healthy eating is not about deprivation nor starvation. It is about balance.  When you eat healthy, and make sensible choices, you can indulge once in awhile without worrying that you will gain all your weight back.

A wedding day should be special and make you feel good. Why not start eating healthy and following an exercise program you genuinely love so you can begin to shape the body you’ve always dreamed of having and be proud of both for yourself and your new partner.  Once you get married, things already get tough as pressure hits for finances, having children and saving for retirement.  Starting off on the right foot is crucial.  Weight loss can set you on the right track to live a long and happy life – one that is focused around being healthy, fit and able to enjoy life as a couple together.

The Joint Learning Initiative on Children

Launched in 2006, the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS (JLICA) was a time-limited network of policy-makers, practitioners, community leaders, researchers, and people living with HIV that mobilized research and discussion on children affected by HIV/AIDS. JLICA did not seek to supplant the efforts of many dedicated and effective organizations working on behalf of children—but instead provided an independent, collaborative analysis of what is working and what needs to change.

Our process

JLICA’s approach to global HIV/AIDS advocacy and research was unique because:

  • JLICA was cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary. The Initiative engaged policymakers, practitioners, community leaders, activists and researchers from across the natural and social sciences.
  • JLICA was independent and collaborative. While working with national governments, non-governmental partners, academic research centres, foundations and international organizations, JLICA also conducted independent analyses and made evidence-based recommendations on what works best for children.
  • JLICA was a temporary entity with a finite goal. JLICA did not seek to perpetuate itself or carve out a permanent niche in the HIV/AIDS research landscape. It aimed to get a specific job done by a defined target date. This time-limited approach enhanced JLICA’s focus and impact.

In each of its research focus areas, JLICA gathered evidence about best practices, facilitated innovative thinking and problem solving, advanced action, and facilitated communication across disciplines and stakeholders. JLICA sought to:

  • Mobilize and generating evidence
  • Facilitate new thinking and problem solving
  • Advance action
  • Facilitate linkages

JLICA research, ranged across a variety of topics: strengthening families; community action; expanding access to services and protecting human rights; and social and economic policies.

Read JLICA’s brochure for an overview on directions for action: English, French

Learn more about JLICA’s key recommendations and work products.

About JLICA’s Learning Groups

The Initiative housed four Learning Groups that focus on the primary research areas. These Learning Groups were coordinated by two Co-Chairs and included a core of approximately 10-15 experts from diverse geographic and disciplinary backgrounds, as well as strong membership representation from high-burden countries.

To promote action on the Initiative’s recommendations, Learning Group Co-Chairs participate in ongoing advocacy alongside the two Initiative Co-Chairs and JLICA’s founding partner organizations.

Read about the Learning Groups.

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For inquiries, please contact John Miller, Projects Coordinator, Coalition on Children Affected by AIDS (CCABA): info@jlica.org

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